This Could Just Become My PC Troubleshooting Tool Of Choice

If you’re a regular reader of these pages then you’ll know that I love utilities which let you monitor the state of a PC. You know the sort of thing: processor utilization, disk space, free RAM, and so on. It’s a great way to ensure that your PC is running smoothly, and it’s also a useful method of troubleshooting a friend or colleague’s PC if they’re having unspecified problems with it.

Which is why I was so pleased to stumble across something recently called Glint. It’s a program which displays real-time data in a simple-to-understand format. You can choose from bars or graphs, as you can see from the screen shots below. You can choose from hundreds of counters to display, and you can pick your own labels for each one if you don’t like the defaults. You can even monitor remote computers across your network.

Here’s the best bit. Glint is tiny (less than 0.5 MB), portable, and free. And it works on everything from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. – Robert Schifreen

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