New Free Windows System Tool from Sysinternals

It isn’t often that we get a brand-new addition to the famous suite of free system tools provided at Windows Sysinternals and when we do it’s worth noting. Mark Russinovich has just announced a tool called Sysmon.

System Monitor (Sysmon) is a Windows system service and device driver that, once installed on a system, remains resident across system reboots to monitor and log system activity to the Windows event log. It provides detailed information about process creations, network connections, and changes to file creation time. By collecting the events it generates using Windows Event Collection or SIEM agents and subsequently analyzing them, you can identify malicious or anomalous activity and understand how intruders and malware operate on your network.

Sysmon is a command-line tool for experienced Windows users and adds some interesting new system monitoring and logging capabilities. The download is a 465 KB zipped file containing an executable and a EULA.

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